We will build a service that will handle recordings of many video calls. These calls will be processed, their audio files extracted, and finally, uploaded to cloud storage for access by end-users.

For this purpose, we will use a queueing system which will deal with two different parts. The first part will be responsible for receiving video room metadata as soon as a video call ends. The second part will be responsible for processing related audio recordings. The duration of this second part may be between 30 minutes and 24 hours for each composition.

This queueing system will take care…

Have you ever heard that your code is not readable or is not clear for others, and you could not guess why? If yes, so this article for you.

One of the problems you will face while writing code in any programming language is writing readable code. That means you should write the code which you can understand in the future a year from now. Also, the code should be legible and understandable by other team members.

So What We Mean by a Clean Code :

When we write a clean code, we should take care of our indentation, commas…

Readme.md image
Readme.md image

A README.MD file is an important file to include in your project. It helps others to understand your project clearly. Also, it’s a sign of a good project. Nowadays, it is almost mandatory to write a README file for any project.

So What is a Readme File?

It’s a text file that includes the necessary information about your project to be understandable. You can write it in any text editor. But nowadays, it is preferable to write it in a markdown language.

What Is the MarkDown Language?

It is a method for writing documents clearly and easily. The markdown formatted…

Rasha Abdulrazzak

Hi, I am Rasha, a web developer with a background in telecommunications engineering. I live in Istanbul. I am currently working for Aksion Technologies.

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